Time to get your FESO Style Box!

It’s been a crazy first week for us at FESO Asia, and if you haven’t already heard, we’re extremely excited to inform you that our FESO Style Box subscription has finally beta launched!

During the migration process, you should have received some emails regarding payment. Please do not be alarmed; the emails are just receipts of your account, no payment is required.

A few other concerns were highlighted, for instance, the price of products on FESO Style Box. Once again, do not be alarmed, as long as you’ve taken up a subscription, there’s no additional cost for apparel involved! The pricing of products is just a reference to what you’ve gained for subscribing! Instead of paying for per piece now at only SGD 139 (early birds got it at SGD 89), you get to enjoy boxes worth hundreds to even thousands of dollars!

Please do “rent”, and “checkout” like you’d do so on an e-commerce site, during checkout, as long as you’re our beloved Style Pass subscriber; you’d notice the total cost would indicate as SGD 0. Yes, there’s no cost incurred, this is how much you’ve saved!

In this beta launch, we would like to apologise for some hiccups that are going to occur…

This week you will be expecting some delays in delivery. This is because every subscriber is now ordering their boxes and as a new organisation, we have limited logistics support to facilitate all the orders at once. That said, fear not; the subscription will only start upon the first delivery. We will be extending the start and end date of your first monthly subscription accordingly!

Separately, during the porting over of user accounts, some accounts were not correctly created during the initial purchase, as such; some account passwords were reset. If you have problems accessing your account, do drop a message to our live chat and we’ll attend to you accordingly, as soon as we can.

Some pointers to note, for delivery, it takes two days for the item to reach you. So if you order on Monday before 2 pm, it’d come on Wednesday from 2 pm to 10 pm. If you order on Monday after 2 pm, it will arrive on Thursday from 2 pm to 10 pm.

Last but not least, we’re also testing out our Pay Per Box plan; a more ad-hoc option. It’s a one-time purchase, as and when you need more apparel.

Thank you so much, and we appreciate your patience and support! We understand that it’s not perfect and we strive to improve the experience as time goes by, and hope you’d continue to support us through our journey to perfection.

With love,
Peg and Sab
Co-founders of FESO Asia

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